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Graffiti Removal Savannah Georgia - 912-988-3832

Graffiti has been a common problem for residence and business owners in the Savannah area for years. Chatham Property Maintenance located in Savannah, Georgia provides professional Graffiti removal services In the past it was common practice to just paint over the graffiti as you see in our above video demonstration that the graffiti had been painted over. This practice is no longer acceptable we you can receive professional and affordable graffiti removal services from Chatham Property Maintenance We all understand the problems with graffiti, its unsightly, brings down property value and it makes your visitors feel unsafe. We offer our graffiti removal services to both residential and commercial properties, if it has graffiti we can clean it. We use a system that has been tried and tested for removing graffiti. With proper pressure washing techniques and chemicals, we can safely remove graffiti from all surfaces. Common areas of Graffiti but not limited to these are brick,