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How to install Sod | Turf | Grass | Savannah, Pooler, Richmond Hill Georgia

Sod & Soil Preparation Sod laying is like painting. The hard part is in the preparation and the finished product is only as good as the preparation. Start with good soil. There is no better time to enhance home lawn’s ultimate beauty and success than by improving the soil before any planting takes place.  This is our procedure  prior to sodding. Soil Preparation for a Beautiful Lawn | Savannah | Pooler | Richmond Hill | Rincon | Hilton Head Benefits of Proper and Complete Soil Preparation for sod installation Improved Uniformity Increased Density Faster recovery from wear Reduced Use of water, fertilizer, & chemicals Reduced Maintenance Quick Fact: Why Is Good Soil Important? For optimum growth, turfgrass needs just four things (in the proper balance) to grow…sunlight, air, water and nutrients. Reduce any of these, or provide too much of any one, and the grass may die or simply suffer. In the right proportions, the grass will flourish, providing not only beauty

Safe Roof Washing Savannah Georgia

When it comes to roof cleaning their is only one way and that is non pressure cleaning, otherwise known as softwashing.  We have perfected methods to safely remove the moss, algae and lichen growing on your roof.  Our process consist of a Safe, Effective, and Efficient cleaning method.  This process prevents damage to the granules on your roof and chemical damage to your landscape.  This requires specialized equipment not a pressure washer in no way can a pressure washer be used to clean a roof.  For your free no obligation/hassle quote give us a call @912-988-3832 or visit our website @

Roof Cleaning Savannah | Pooler | Richmond Hill | Rincon | Georgia

Roof Cleaning | Savannah GA | Moss, Algae or Lichen On Shingle Roofs If your roof has moss algae or lichen growing on the shingles, your roof needs to be cleaned.  It will hold moisture and not reflect sunlight as it was designed to do. The moss and lichen are living organisms and are eating at your roof, shortening its life and should be removed immediately.  Our roof cleaning chemical and roof cleaning process is designed to safely clean your roof without the use of pressure washers. Roof Cleaning by Chatham Property Maintenance use a soft wash method that will rid your roof of the harmful moss and lichen. our process consists of applying a cleaning solution that will kill the moss and lichen immediately. However, since these plants have a root system and attached themselves to the shingles, we cannot scrape or pull off the dead matter because it will remove the granules from the shingle. Instead, we allow the root system to naturally decay and release from the shingle to avoid